Program Impact: Vilimont Inc.

Syed Mohammed Eqbal Ali

Vilimont Inc. is creating cleaning solutions for a sustainable future. Offering a range of stain removers of proprietary products for professional laundries and dry cleaners, their products are specially formulated for professional and industrial usage.

Acceleration+ Impact

  • Revised Vilimont’s operating plan from one of setting up its own manufacturing facility to that of utilizing a CMO.
  • Recreated its product branding to fit the North American market and avoid potential trademark infringements.

Client Testimonial

I strongly recommend A+ program for the companies who are new to Canada. We realized great support and help on following areas:
-Overall understanding of how things work in Canada, also work culture.
-Access to experienced mentors and advisors, who are extremely beneficial for initial stage of business

– Syed Mohammed Eqbal Ali

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