Save time by understanding the Canadian & U.S. markets you're trying to reach.

Save time by gaining access to exclusive training in I.P. strategy, sales, hiring practices & company culture, investment readiness and growing your network with meaningful connections.

Acceleration+ clients also have easy access to private training and events from respected partners and their extensive networks.

Acceleration+ is only accessible to companies currently with LatAm Startups. You’ll be given the opportunity to enrol for Acceleration+ once ONE of the following conditions have been met:

• You have enrolled in Phase III of the Start-up Path Visa program with LatAm Startups
• You have enrolled in the New Entrepreneur Accelerator program with LatAm Startups
• You have enrolled in the Corporate program with LatAm Startups

If one of the points listed in “Eligibility” are met, you can request an endorsement from LatAm Startups. After you have completed your application, you will be contacted by someone on the Acceleration+ team to assist you with your next steps to join our next cohort available.

Acceleration+ companies have access to office space, an advisory board, and specialized training to assist them in accelerating their company. Additionally, all Acceleration+ clients will have equal access to all services offered by Haltech, Innovation Factory and TechPlace.

Acceleration+ is a 6-month program. Phase 1 makes up the first 3 months and will connect clients to their own advisory board as well as provide training sessions on topics like hiring, company culture, and sales practices. Phase 2 makes up the last 3 months of the program timeline and will build upon the training in Phase 1 to focus on preparing clients for investment opportunities, implementing their I.P. strategy, and finding and building their own advisory board.


Want more information about Acceleration+? We answered some of your most common questions on the page linked below. If you have a question that has not been addressed, please send it to us through the Contact form or get in touch with our team.