Program Impact: SaaSend

Mohebat Rezvani

SaaSend is a smart courier aggregator that enables end-users to find the fastest, cheapest, and most eco-friendly courier. Integrated into online shops, it helps online retailers to cut down on abandon cart rates, without any extra or hidden cost, leveraging the power of its users already know and trust.

Acceleration+ Impact

  • Helped founder with decision-making on market direction based on insight
  • Connected the founder with stakeholders to launch business in Canada
  • Gained assertiveness boosting her sales results.

Client Testimonial

You will gain access to a community of other immigrant entrepreneurs that share the same background as you, which is priceless and good advice that you can take to the bank. We have immensely benefitted from the Sales Lab for Founders program with Conestoga College, and we have connected with potential clients, and have had +10 cold calls – which was something that we never had the nerve to do before!

– Mohebat Rezvani

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