Program Impact: Infinite Harvest Technologies Inc.

Luis Ortiz

Infinite Harvest Technologies is a feed ingredient company that bio-transforms crop and food waste into insect protein for aquaculture and pet food, using Black Soldier Fly Larvae. Their vision is to create a new cycle of infinite harvests.

Acceleration+ Impact

  • Achieved clarity of focus on the Business Roadmap with 2 lines of business, waste and food which work in synergy.
  • Prepared communication plan for launching during commercialization.
  • Recognized company’s limitations and redirected efforts toward identifying areas for improvement.

Client Testimonial

As we develop Infinite Harvest Technologies in Canada, Acceleration+ has facilitated the path to bring our AI-driven, circular economy, net-zero solution closer to market. The support from the Acceleration+ team, advisory board, Content Innovo and the extensive resources and training programs have all contributed to building a strong corporate foundation and a network of strategic partners in Ontario.

– Luis Ortiz

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