Program Impact: Haletale Inc.

Anash Parayil

Haletale is a pioneering co-living platform that offers comfortable and welcoming homes to newcomers, students, and young professionals around the world. With the belief that everyone deserves a place that truly feels like home, it is committed to making that a reality for as many people as possible.

Acceleration+ Impact

  • Reviewed the website and provided recommendations for enhancing its user experience.
  • Developed a compelling value proposition for Haletale, emphasizing what sets it apart from existing property management packages and software, specifically targeting property managers.
  • Provided guidance on tailoring messaging to its target market.

Client Testimonial

Acceleration+ really is helping us the with ins, outs and nuances of building a startup. With the help of amazing mentors provided and events, Acceleration+ is accelerating our understanding of how to go about scaling the business, massively preparing us for the process and putting us in a much stronger position than we were in before.

– Anash Parayil

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