Program Impact: Gubolin Co.

João Ricardo Gubolin
Head of Business Development

GHubee revolutionizes transportation software, optimizing operations and driving growth through advanced intelligent middleware integrations and software automation.

Acceleration+ Impact

  • Shifted towards a new market segment following the advisory board meetings and guidance from additional experts.
  • With the assistance of Acceleration+ services, Ghubee recruited a Marketing Assistant, refined their AI strategy, and clarified sales and marketing messaging.
  • Acceleration+ advisory board supported the CEO as they assisted in restructuring the company and prepared them for the upcoming headquarter relocation to Canada.

Client Testimonial

The Acceleration+ program is an excellent resource for startups, offering support with sales processes, intellectual property, and overall company expansion strategy. The program has had a significant impact on the way Gubolin Co and GHubee communicate with the market and plan to expand operations in Canada and the United States.

– João Ricardo Gubolin

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