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About us

WUX operates as an advanced artificial intelligence system specifically designed for monitoring IP protocol-based telecommunication network infrastructures, encompassing diverse networks such as wired, WiFi, Satellite, 3G, 4G, and 5G. Leveraging an extensive IIoT sensor network and sophisticated software, WUX not only predicts and promptly resolves real-time network issues but also integrates insights from end-user experiences and device-specific data. Its adaptive capacity to continuously learn and analyze infrastructure behavior empowers it to transform any standard data network into an intelligent, optimized, and high-performing network solution—achieving this seamlessly without requiring human intervention.

Moreover, although WUX is primarily intended to enhance network performance, it also identifies cybersecurity threats, thereby enhancing not just performance and availability but also bolstering network cybersecurity.



Nicolas Marciales

Co-Founder & CEO

Cristhian Marciales

Co-Founder & Web Developer

Intellectual Property