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About us

Vilimont Inc. is a speciality laundry chemical manufacturing company. We offer a range of stain removers of proprietary formulations for professional laundries and dry cleaners, which effectively helps the dry cleaners to get rid of stubborn stains. The products are specially formulated for professional and industrial usage.

We aim to caters North America, Latin America and Asian market from Canada. Vilimont is also in process to develop and offer products for unattended stain problems in industry, like turmeric stains, hair dye stains, betadine stains in hospitals etc.

We have B2B business Model. Our immediate customers are Laundry chemical supplier in the region or importer. The ultimate consumer of our products are commercial laundries, Drycleaners, etc.

We solicit enquiry for dealer and distributorship for our range of Stain removers.




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