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About us

Origyns eliminates the extensive research you need to do in order to find that perfect piece of furniture for your home. We give you the ability to design the product you most desire. Our versatility in design and locally manufactured products make styling any facet of your home easier than ever before. With us, creating furniture is an art form that maximizes the comfortability and warmth you feel within your own home. Creating furniture is our identity.

Origyns helps manufacturers by connecting them with a broader market online. Hence, you can renovate your home space with all your beautifully customized furniture just by clicking and ordering from us. Our workers are all Canadians who make furniture from locally sourced products. Shop online with confidence and satisfaction. Save your time and buy with us.

Origyns believes in helping people achieve their sense of home through their unique styling and designs.

Origyns Tech & Decor Inc.


Kartik Sharma

Founder, CEO

Anubhav Sehgal

Founder, CFO