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About us

NeuNex is developing a 3D total body mapping system for the initial detection of skin cancer and other skin disorders that can be used in hospitals and dermatology clinics.

Traditional methods for skin cancer initial detection are manual photography or using ATBM (Automatic Total Body Mapping Devices). These methods are time-consuming, and the operator has to take 25 photos with different gestures from patients. It is also possible that the analysis software gives an incorrect diagnosis due to changes in the patient’s posture or gestures during examinations.

NeuNex total body mapping system captures full body images in a matter of seconds and the patient’s 3D avatar is then generated. Immediate benefits are improved patient experience and significant time savings for the physician or imaging clinic. Software misdiagnosis is reduced thanks to the 3D body mapping system. Physicians have the ability to tag dermoscopy images in 3D avatars.

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Mojtaba Esfandi

Product Manager

Farhang Rezaei

Marketing Manager

Arezoo Keshavarz

Optic & Laser


Intellectual Property