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About us

K3 is a company that aims to make the life of truck drivers and truck fleets easier, cheaper and safer, bringing to the market a solution that makes the management of truck batteries smarter, cheaper, and more reliable.

A truck with regular batteries uses up to 14 units in 5 years and the time it stops out of battery represents 12% of its travel time. This delays the logistics and delivery of the goods to the client and makes the company and driver lose profit over less productive rides. Nonetheless, each battery has 12kg of lead and acid released into the environment every time it is discarded.

Our product IGA SOLAR equalizes the spent on the battery using solar panels and a technology developed by us that brings smart consumption. It avoids unequal usage and doubles the battery’s life. It is of the utmost importance for the safety of our clients, and that is why we developed a system that turns everything off in case of fall over and has sensors that act in case of fire.

K3 Green Tech Company Inc


Jorge Moraes

Partner and CEO