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About us

Haletale is a pioneering co-living platform that offers comfortable and welcoming homes to newcomers, students, and young professionals around the world. We believe that everyone deserves a place that truly feels like home, and we are committed to making that a reality for as many people as possible.

Our unique approach to co-living involves working closely with landlords to provide seamless, efficient, and fast rental solutions, while also helping them generate higher income. This win-win approach has enabled us to build a thriving community of happy tenants and satisfied landlords.

Based in Ontario, we are on a mission to make sustainable co-living practices mainstream and widely accepted across the globe. Our vision is to help newcomers transition to North America and beyond with ease, by providing them with the perfect home away from home. Join us today and experience the Haletale difference!

Haletale Inc



Co-Founder and CEO

Roshan PT

Co-Founder and CPO


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