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About us

Gubolin Co is a visionary technology firm with a strong foundation in Information Technology and Business Management. Committed to driving innovation, we specialize in intelligent algorithms, advanced automation, and seamless integration, empowering businesses across industries. At our core, we value human empowerment and innovation, collaborating to shape the future.

GHubee, our main digital product, focuses on cutting-edge solutions for transportation software companies. Specializing in data and workflow automation, GHubee optimizes operations, reduces costs, and drives growth. Our transaction-based model integrates advanced technology features, from One Time Passcode (OTP) Login to CO2 Analytics. Rooted in understanding client needs and enhancing user satisfaction, GHubee is leading the transformation of transportation software, driven by a vision of excellence and innovation.


João Gubolin

Founder and CEO

João Ricardo Gubolin

Head of Business Development US and Canada


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