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About us

We are a company specialized in software quality control based in Toronto. Our goal is to help our clients solve the problems they face when wanting to have a successful and profitable digital asset in the market. Such problems are faults and failures, delayed time to market, disconnection between the business requirements and lack of real time understanding of their customer’s experience. We approach our clients under a Business Centric approach, and we have products that help our clients in any of the stages of the product ideation lifecycle, including when in production. While we are new in Toronto, we are not old in this business. We have more than 20 years of experience supporting important clients in the following sectors in Latin America: banking, insurance, retail, and ecommerce. We have more than 700 software engineers helping our customers in offices in Canada, Colombia, Peru, and Panama.

Choucair Solutions Inc.


Juan Pablo Rios

Innovation Manager

Ana Isabel Choucair

International Relationship Manager

Melisa Ospina

Mobile QA Product Leader


In Market