Program Impact: AtacamaScope

María Paz Navarro

AtacamaScope provides a user-friendly platform for parents and educators to teach astronomy in children’s STEAM education. With its telescopes in the Atacama Desert, Chile, users can control the telescopes, explore the universe interactively, and view real-time astronomical images.

Acceleration+ Impact

  • Provided assistance identifying possible partnerships and strategic relationships.
  • Aided María in expanding and identifying marketing opportunities to go beyond school outreach to other relevant organizations.
  • Following the advisory boards, the María was able to identify copyright opportunities for images created by the product.

Client Testimonial

Acceleration+ is a very complete program. I would really recommend it to all entrepreneurs who want to set up their businesses in Canada. They support you and provide all the tools you need as an entrepreneur, especially if you are from a place outside of Canada. It is important to know about culture and technology ecosystems, something that Acceleration+ knows very well. They connect you and immerse you in this world that is so necessary for us entrepreneurs.

– María Paz Navarro

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